Riverside Park, Soccer field #5
1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON
K8A 3J5
Registration: 2:30pm
Start time: 3pm
End time: 5pm
Trainer’s Bio


Haidee has been practicing yoga and meditation since she was a tot; this interest eventually led her to follow a one year full immersion of Yoga training in Amritsar, India and later become a Certified Mindful Schools curriculum teacher. Recently, Haidee is Director of BODHI Buds in Schools and initiative that aims to bring yoga and meditation into schools, teaches yoga for fertility optimization and regularly teaches meditation seminars to pre-service educators.
Having completed her Masters in Educational Studies, her passion for teaching extends to conducting educational research on the benefits of mindfulness for teachers and students in the achievement of educational goals. Most recently Haidee has used her strong educational background to bring mindfulness training to a private health clinic where she collaborates on an interdisciplinary team, developing research based stress management and wellness programs to
meet patients’ needs.
Haidee is also co-founder of YogaDanceMix a yoga-fitness program that blends stillness of meditation with ridiculous fun. Her passion comes from making the transformative experience of yoga more accessible as she continues to dedicate herself to learning, assimilating, applying
and sharing the practice.
Cherill Taylor


Yoga is Life! Life is Yoga!

In 1984 I saw a woman in a magazine doing a headstand and my quest began. This is what I wanted to learn. My first teacher was Lilias Folan on PBS. I had the pleasure to meet her and do a workshop in 2006. The YWCA was my first group Yoga class, until we moved to the Ottawa Valley in 1990. I found a local Kripalu Teacher, Joanne Murray, and a Dance teacher Margaret Atkinson. In 1993 I connected with ‘The Art of Living Foundation” and did the Kriya Yoga course. My personal practice evolved into a two year Yoga Teacher Training with Synergy Yoga, founded by Ruth Dargan. I taught at the YMCA and various Gyms for the past ten years.

My practice has seen many twists and turns and I have had the pleasure of learning from teachers such as; Diane Bruni of Downward Dog, Todd Norian, Ashaya, Baron Baptiste, Power Yoga, 3H0, Kundalini Yoga, Seane Corn, Vinyasa and many other teachers who have taught at the International Yoga Conference and local teachers who and continue to inspire me. My teaching style has a mix of flowing movements, strength, flexibility, sound and breath. I am grateful for all the Yogis and Yogini’s I have met on my journey. I am blessed to share with every-body that makes a commitment to live their Yoga. I teach a weekly class at the Killaloe Friendship Club and have plans to open a studio in the near future.

Lynn Murphy

Lynn obtained her Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification in 1992 and she started teaching the same year. She opened North Bay’s first yoga studio in 1999; and, she earned her Professional Level Kripalu Teacher Certification in 2000.  In 2005 Lynn moved to Pembroke and remains passionate about teaching yoga and Pilates, now at both the Marguerite Centre and Active Chiropractic Family Health Centre. She also holds a full time position as a social work therapist and engages in volunteer work at the Robbie Dean Suicide Crisis Centre, always with a deep commitment to her clients’ well-being.

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